In June 1997 the Teletubbies first appeared on our screens, Oasis were still rhyming "supersonic" with "gin and tonic" and an unknown author called JK Rowling started to make quite a name for herself.

But the really big news that month was the birth of Ikon. Now, just two short decades later, we think a celebration is in order.

It's been an amazing journey. We've been fortunate enough to work with some great brands and amazing people, and we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone we've met along the way. We look forward to working with you again over the next 20 years.

Of course no birthday would be complete without a cake, and ours is no exception. If you're in the area why not bob in for a slice? We might even put the kettle on.





Packaging Design

We love packaging design and are fortunate to work with some of the country's most cherished food brands. It's great when all the hard work pays off and new products hit the shelves, even more satisfying is when sales exceed the clients projections.


Brand Identity

Since the start of Ikon over 20 years ago, we've created and implemented distinctive brand identities for all kinds of products, organisations and services. We thoroughly research the relevant market and approach every project with the aim to give the brand the visual personality to be successful.



With the rapid growth of the internet, its nice to see the predicted demise of printed communications has failed to materialise. There's still a place for the tangible and tactile qualities of print. We produce a wide range of literature for clients in sectors as diverse as Manufacturing, Food Production and Education.



We work closely with a number of clients during the early stages in the process of bringing new products to market. This includes creating high quality innovation concepts for research testing. We can also produce print quality mock-ups and have created whole fixtures to compare how new products perform in a competitive environment


Internal Communications

We produce internal communications for a number of our clients to help them engage with their employees. This includes simple product launch information through to more involved communications detailing regulatory information across international territories.



Although we wouldn't call ourselves an advertising agency (definitely no braces in Ikon!), we have however over the years produced some great creative and targeted solutions for both consumer and trade advertising.

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Celebrating 20 years in design



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